Air Quality

Air Cleaners
From replacement filters to whole-home air cleaners, Luxury has the solutions to keep your heating and cooling system efficient and your air clean and healthy. Ask us about the Honeywell TrueCLEAN Enhanced Air Cleaner that captures up to 99% of pollutants and allergens in your home.
If winter in your home means dry nose, itchy skin and a sore throat you may have a problem with low humidity. Luxury's humidifiers will deliver the perfect amount of moisture to your air making you and your family feel more comfortable year round.
If you have family members that suffer from allergies and asthma, too much moisture in your home could cause or worsen it's affects. Plus, excess humidity could result in household damage such as mold, musty odors, and blistering paint. If you have a problem with moisture, a dehumidifier will help you maintain ideal humidity levels keeping your home safe and comfortable.
Ventilation systems are designed to work with your existing HVAC system to improve the quality of the air inside your home. Ventilators offer a way to bring fresh air in from the outside while maintaining the proper amount of humidity. Find out more by contacting one of our healthy air experts today!
Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Carbon monoxide can come from any number of common household sources such as; fireplaces, furnaces, or gas appliances. A carbon monoxide detector monitors the CO levels inside your home and alerts you when gas levels are too high and are a danger to yourself and your family.