Rely on Luxury to keep you warm this winter. No matter what type of fuel or heat source your home has, Luxury offers a wide range of furnaces to fit your needs and your budget. Ask about our ultra high-performance Infinity Gas Furnace, with up to 98.5% energy efficiency.
Heat Pumps
Heat pumps are a very efficient alternative to electric heat. In the Summer months, a heat pump works the same as an air conditioner would to cool your home, but in the Winter it runs in reverse and provides a source of heat. Ask about our Infinity Series heat pump with Greenspeed Intelligence, offering precise heating and cooling, ultra-quiet performance and unrivaled energy efficiency.
Geothermal Heat Pumps
There’s an invaluable energy source buried right in your own backyard: The earth itself. Geothermal systems work by tapping into the temperatures of your yard, pond or well. They run on electricity but use the earth’s thermal energy to heat and cool your home so you can enjoy higher energy efficiency inside—no matter how extreme the weather gets outside. Ask us about available tax credits and local energy rebates.
Duct Free Systems
No ducts? No problem. Luxury offers a wide range of heating and cooling solutions that can make any home or office that lacks the proper ductwork comfortable.
Garage Heaters
Whether your garage is your work space, a place to enjoy your hobbies, or a functional living area of your home, Luxury has the heating solution you need to take the chill out of the air.

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