The Benefits of Duct Sealing

Put simply: aerosol duct sealing is a process that uses polymers (long, binding molecules) to seal up leaks, holes or misalignments in your ductwork, thus improving the air deliverability of heat, ventilation and air conditioning in your home. The question is though: will it save you money? The answer is: yes, probably. There is a chance your ducts are completely fine, but according to Energy Star the typical American home loses 20-30% of the conditioned air that travels through the ducts. This is due to improper sealing, which has then caused leaks, gaps and loose connections. In fact, it would not be unimaginable to find out your home’s air distribution has a leakage percentage as high as 50%, that is how common and unchecked this issue is. Read on to discover the benefits of aerosol sealing and the possible signs your home’s ducts need help.

If your home was built before 2000 there is a very high probability your ductwork was installed improperly. These were wild times when energy costs were low and nobody knew or really cared about the negative impact high energy consumption had on the environment. Ductwork was not the priority and we are bearing that bottom line now.  

One of the problems is, most homeowners assume their HVAC equipment is to blame when it isn’t working properly. When in reality the equipment is tip-top and poor ductwork is the culprit. 

These signs might help you determine that your ducts are the issue.

  • Musty smells
  • Uneven temperatures in different rooms
  • Too much humidity
  • Energy bills that are inordinately high
  • Excessive dust accumulation

Lower energy bills is not the only benefit to sealing with Aerosol. Improved airflow will result in cleaner, healthier air and a more comfortable home. Holes and gaps in the ducts force the system to operate under a negative pressure meaning dirt, dust, fiberglass and more could be circulated all around your home. 

Aerosol sealing helps in many ways, it will:

  • Increase your comfort throughout every room in your home
  • Lower your energy consumption which is good for your wallet and the environment
  • Improve the air quality making the air your family breathes cleaner and healthier
  • Provide you with a Pre and Post leakage measurements, so you know your time and money was worth it. 

Aerosol duct sealing is a safe and effective option for your home’s air duct issues. The ingredients in the sealant are those often found in hairspray and chewing gum and are indeed nontoxic and safe for your ducts. It could be a game-changer to fixing any HVAC issues you might have in your home. Call us at Luxury Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment and find out whether your home would benefit from Aerosol duct sealing. Stay warm out there!