Keep Cool While Saving Energy

Summer is a joyful season, isn’t it?. Lots of fun outdoors, bright sunshine and that lovely warmth upon your newly tanned skin. However, now that we are rolling into August the heatwaves might feel like less of a fun novelty and more of a sweat-induced groan with a large helping of frustration from the hits you’re wallet is taking from your monthly energy bill. Yet, the temperatures continue to rise and keeping cool remains critical. At Luxury Heating and Air Conditioning, we feel your pain and have put together a list of tips to help you stay cool and save money.

Here are a few basic (and free!) strategies to consider in an effort to keep cool.

  • Close blinds during the daylight hours to keep the suns rays from heating your home
  • Always keep your doors to the outside closed and that beautiful AC air indoors! Your AC is working hard enough, don’t work against it.
  • Unplug unused appliances and keep lights off in room your not using
  • Skip the dishwasher and clothes dryer, air dry items instead.
  • Set your thermostat to 78 on extra hot days to avoid an overwhelmed AC system.
  • Cook meals in a smaller air fryer, the microwave or the grill to keep the oven from heating your house and putting more of a strain on your system.

The points on this next list all come with a price tag, but we think these investments are worth your consideration. 

  • Add insulation, it will help keep the cool air in in the summer and the warm air in in the winter. 
  • Install weather stripping if you have an older home or feel a draft beneath doors and windows. Air leakage will make your system work harder. 
  • Install awnings or plant shady trees to cover the south and east windows of your home, shadowed areas are several degrees cooler than those with direct sunlight and the sun’s rays will make your home feel very warm.
  • Install ceiling fans where in rooms where there aren’t any, this takes a lot of pressure off your AC unit and will even help in colder months too if you reverse the direction. 
  • If you are due for a new system consider one with an ENERGY STAR rating. Most appliances come with an energy-efficient option and can anywhere from 10%-50% of the energy required and thus, save you money.
  • A properly maintained unit will run more efficiently saving energy and saving you money in the long run. Schedule routine maintenance with your contractor to keep things running smoothly.  

So, before you start dreaming of “sweater weather” and the pumpkin lattes of fall, enjoy the remainder of summer’s sunshine without breaking the bank on energy bills. Keeping cool is the priority, but maybe with these tips you can be kind to your wallet and the earth. Call Luxury Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule maintenance or ask about energy saving appliances and whether they are right for your home and budget.