Common Problems Solved By Ductless Air Conditioning

To duct, or not to duct, that is the question. Ductless air conditioning might seem daunting at first, as all new things do, but really it might solve some of the issues you have with your current central air. Maybe you are facing uneven temperatures in your home, or you have a desire to zone control from room-to-room, or maybe you are renovating and are concerned about adding duct work to the new addition. Whatever the problem may be, ductless AC might be the answer. We’ve put together a list of the benefits of a ductless system for you to consider, we would love to be a part of the solution. 

Problem 1: Uneven Temperatures 

Ductwork can be troublesome as there are so many little things that can go wrong. Cracks and holes are not uncommon and lead to energy waste and hot/cold spots. Leaks in the ductwork are the enemy of efficiency; you could be losing as much as 30% of the conditioned air due to these faulty ducts. Not to mention if your system is running overtime to cool a warm spot it can damage the system leading to excess repairs and possibly replacements. 

Problem 2: Heating/Cooling Uninsulated Spaces and/or Additions and Renovations 

Ductwork requires insulation to deliver air evenly. Spaces like the attic or the garage that might lack insulation would be difficult to add to the central air system. If you are considering renovating these spaces and/or using them for more than what they were intended for a ductless unit would be perfect as they are installed with little disruption. Connecting ductwork is expensive and unnecessary. It would operate independently from the main system, (so it won’t steal air from other rooms,) it is energy efficient, (so it won’t overload your current system,) and bonus: install is a breeze. 

Here are a few situations where ductless would ideal

  • New additions: garages, bonus rooms, sunrooms, man caves
    • We’ve already heard about the ease of ductless in renovation projects but consider the “man-cave” room. If you intend to smoke cigars in it you won’t want to be sharing ductwork with the rest of the house.
  • Downsizing efforts for larger homes
    • Older home owners that only use a few rooms in their homes often shut vents in those unused rooms. This can lead to pressure imbalances and in some cases, mold. Installing a ductless systems gives you complete control over which rooms to condition and which to not. 
  • Discord between family members on the “ideal” temperature 
    • End the thermostat fight in one fell swoop. Ductless means zone cooling, each zone can be set to a unique temperature. 
  • Supporting your “problem” room
    • Sometimes no matter how efficient your HVAC system is a room just cannot reach the ideal temperature. For example: maybe you have a small kitchen with a giant stove or a large room sunny room with floor to ceiling windows, ductless can support your current system without the expensive of adding ductwork. 
  • You just bought an existing home with no ductwork installed
    • Ductless is not cheap, but it would be cheaper in this instance. Going through and adding ducts to an already completed house would be a nightmare.  

If you find your current system is simply not cutting it, considering adding ductless. It is less of a headache to maintain, it is more energy efficient and it an easy install. Call us today at Luxury Heating & Cooling, we can help you determine the best option for your home and budget.